The Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Whether you’re interested in preserving the appearance of your home or extending its useful life, Roof Cleaning is a necessary process. Regular cleaning can extend the lifespan of your roof and is an excellent way to prevent costly repairs. Roof Cleaning removes algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss and helps remove oxidation from metal roofs. To find out more about the benefits of roof cleaning, read the following article.

Pressure Washing

When choosing a roof cleaning service, you’ll want to find one that’s well vetted. Check out major review sites to see what other people have to say about a certain company’s performance. Check with the Better Business Bureau to learn about the company’s reputation. Once you’ve determined the best company for your needs, ask about pricing and availability. Many companies offer discounts to customers who choose to have multiple services performed.

As a homeowner, you can avoid roof cleaning costs by taking care of algae and moss with proper techniques. These organisms can damage your roof, causing cracks and warping. In addition, algae and moss will clog your gutters, resulting in standing pools of water and mold. If you’re not careful, you’ll also risk damage to your landscaping. If you don’t want your roof to suffer from algae and mold, you should get it cleaned regularly.

Performing routine roof cleaning is essential for the structural integrity of your home. Besides protecting your family, roof cleaning helps you maintain the value of your home. Water damage can ruin the value of your home and reduce its sale price. Likewise, moss and algae attract pests and critters that damage the interior of your home. So, cleaning your roof can help you keep these unwanted guests away! Considering selling your home, consider investing in professional roof cleaning services.

While you may not want to spend money on roof cleaning, you’ll be glad you did! Moss and algae spores travel through the wind and damage the asphalt shingles. This will make them curl and even blow off. Also, don’t try to climb on your roof frequently to remove algae, as this will damage your roofing and loosen granules. Moss can also affect the aesthetic appeal of your home, and you’ll have to hire professionals to perform regular roof cleaning to keep it looking great.

Soft washing is an effective method of cleaning most types of roofs. A biodegradable cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the roof. The cleaning solution is then allowed to penetrate the roofing material, removing dirt and debris. It is then rinsed off with low water pressure. Soft washing typically takes two to five hours and is recommended every one to two years. A thorough cleaning can increase the life of your roof by as much as 20 percent.

Pressure washing can cause serious damage to a roof. A good way to clean asphalt shingles is to use a sprayer attached to a garden hose and mix equal parts of chlorine bleach and water. Let this solution sit on the roof for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with clean water. If the roof is a shingle or metal roof, you can even get a leaf blower attached to it and blow away moss.

Overgrowth of algae can reduce a roof’s lifespan, affect energy efficiency, and impair the shingles’ ability to block UV rays. Some common signs of algae growth on the roof include black streaks on the surface. These streaks are not just cosmetic; they result from algae feeding off the limestone filler in the roofing shingles. Experts recommend that your roof be cleaned every ten to fifteen years to prolong its useful life.

Generally, you should hire a professional roof cleaning service at least once a year. However, you can schedule a cleaning more frequently if you live in a damp or coastal area. This can help you save on the overall cost of the cleaning process. You can negotiate a written agreement with them in advance if you hire a roof cleaning service. You can also negotiate a discounted rate for roof cleaning if you clean your house several times a year.

Professional roof cleaning requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Using a pressure washer on your roof may damage it and void the warranty. Additionally, using a pressure washer on a roof may also result in damage to the roofing materials. Pressure washing can void a homeowner’s insurance, and some warranties require professional cleanings. A professional cleaning will ensure the roof’s longevity, help prevent future damages, and boost curb appeal. With a little research, you can choose the right roof cleaning service for your home.