Pros And Cons Of Piano Move

piano moving

Moving your piano is very different from moving any other kind of furniture. First of all, you must consider the weight of the piano and its general size in comparison to the items it is to be moved. If you have to ship it nationally or internationally, you will need special equipment for moving such as custom trailers or oversized trucks. You will also need to be prepared to pay more for the freight charges since it is bulkier.

Many factors go into the cost of moving an upright piano across the country or even the world. The weight, size, number of legs and tail, etc. All factor into the overall cost of the move. To move an upright piano locally, the average cost to transport a round-trip upright piano across the country is roughly $100. A long-distance piano moving quote from NYC to CT usually costs about the same as a three-day round-trip charge.

When moving an instrument of this weight, several important pieces of information must be considered. If you do not have climate-controlled transportation, you may be subject to additional wear and tear on the instrument. Some moving piano movers will provide climate-controlled boxes just for these situations. In some areas, you might be required to also provide proof of insurance coverage to insure against damage or loss to the instrument.

To determine the correct moving method, consider the length of the instrument, its size in cubic feet, and its weight. If the piano is over forty-five inches in height, you should get it done in a flat delivery truck. This will give the truck less of a chance to tip over, which can happen when transporting an upright via a train. An additional fifteen inches for each side of the piano will help it stay upright during transportation.

If the piano is over forty-five inches in height, consider having it professionally delivered. This will make the move safer for all involved, as well as cheaper for you. The pros will have special dollies and other tools to help move the instrument safely, but it may still be subject to a few bumps and scrapes along the way. The cons will be more likely to occur if you do not have dollies, but you will not need them to transport them safely when you are bringing them to your new location. The professionals will have experienced moving professionals on hand to ensure that this does not happen.

If the instrument is under one hundred pounds, you may find the moving costs are even cheaper than a flat track. The pros will have special equipment on hand that can move the instrument and dolly easily, but this will also cost more. There will also be special packing materials needed, and more than likely someone will need to do the lifting to get the instrument into the truck. The cons will include the extra time required to load the instrument into the truck, the cost of special packing materials, and possibly even the lifting of the instrument to help it fit into the truck. This can add about three hours to the total time of the move, so you should ask how much time you will have to spend at the very least.

There are some cons for moving grand and upright pianos, but there are many pros for moving these large pieces. One of the main pros is safety. Since these instruments are heavy and can only be moved by professionals, they are at far lower risk of falling or hitting the ground. This can be a great investment to protect your child or yourself if ever there is an accident. Another pro is convenience. It will allow you to easily transport this large instrument from place to place, and you will never have to worry about it tipping over or causing an accident due to the weight.

Grands are also much easier to transport than upright pianos since they are lighter and don’t require special packing materials to safely move them. They are also very simple to pack with only a few tools, boxes, or blankets, which can save you some money. Even though it may require additional equipment, moving these large pieces is still much less difficult than moving an upright piano. If you can afford all the equipment necessary to move this instrument, it may be the best idea to hire Piano Moving San Diego for the job. This will also ensure that the move goes smoothly and will not cause further damage to your instrument.